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电话:400-815-1234   0553-7474488   0553-7474499   0553-7431131  
传真:0553-7477148   0553-7474477
E-mail:1114868@QQ.COM   13805533588@139.COM
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Wuhu Longxing Machinery Casting Co,.Ltd., being the member of China Foundry Association and Anhui Foundry Association, is the professional supplier of copper bushings and self-lubricating bearings. 
Longxing was established in May 30, 2005, and has become one of the biggest manufacturers of centrifugal casting and continuous casting copper bushings.
We are the leading enterprise of China machinery copper bushings and one of the important matching manufacturers of international machinery giants.
The main applications are: higher-end mining machinery, engineering machinery, hydroelectric power machinery, shipping, petroleum and machine tools etc.
The main products are: centrifugal casting copper bushing, self- lubricating bearing, copper nut, continuous casting bronze bar, copper pipe, worm wheel and worm, zinc base alloy.
Our products have exported to Europe and America. 7 of our customers are listing company. We have more than 200 firm customers in total.
The workshop area is more than 12 thousand square meters.
We have fixed assets valued 45 million RMB.
We have kinds of testing machine like spectrometer from German SPECTRO, tensile testing machine from America SANS, sclerometer, flaw detector etc.
We have more than 500 processing equipment.
The yearly capacity of copper alloy, zinc base alloy, sliding bearing, copper water jacket is more than 2000 ton.
The biggest diameter of centrifugal casting bushing is 3 meters, has reached maximum weight 3 ton.
The continuous casting and squeeze casting zinc base alloy bar, pipe and plate we produced has filled the gap in domestic market.
Longxing is located in a city named Wuhu bordering Yangtze River, which is known as “A land flowing with milk and honey” and one of the four rice market. It only takes one to two hours to drive to Nanjing, Hefei, Jiuhua Mountain and Yellow Mountain and only 2 miles to Yangtze River port. This city is blessed with unsurpassed geographical and social-cultural environment.
The registered trademark LONGXING is certificated to ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, and was rewarded by Gold award at China Foundry Association exhibition held in Suzhou.
Great emphasis is put on quality; we are managing in strict accordance with ISO9001 quality management system and producing in strict accordance with country and industry product criteria.
Our R&D department continues to work on improvements and new solutions. 
Our sales people give highest consideration to any enquiry, and are happy to receive comments or questions for special application or OEM products.
We are a specialized manufacturer of copper alloy, sliding bearing, zinc base alloy. We possess a complete production and service system including everything from casting, metal machining, packing and delivery to quality inspection and specialized marketing is available.
We sincerely hope to enter into business relations with you, and offering you bushings with high quality!

Company Declamation: Industry Leading, Future Guiding!

Address of employee: With a brimming spirits, noble nature and conscientious mind.

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