1) wuxi machine tool plant coreless grinding wheel drive worm gear, the original use ZQSn9-4 tin bronze, universal joint factory in hangzhou use 3 months serious wear and tear, tooth such as knife, unable to continue to use.In June 1986 to December 1990, the factory adopts the zinc-base wear-resistant alloy worm gear to test and use up to 6 months and removed at 21 days, all normal wear of gear tooth, still can continue to use.The plant as the pioneer of jiangsu province's first trial of high strength zinc base alloy, we contribute to the factory for the new material in the application of the older generation of engineering Ding Bangtai chief engineer, FengZhenGuo engineer, sincerely respect!The factory is now produced high strength zinc base alloy.

2) nantong machine tool plant X6325 milling machine shaft sleeve, the original use ZQSn10-1, all use zinc base alloy.

3) zaozhuang prop-pulling hoist worm gear used in machine tool plant production ZQSn10-1, the zinc base alloy, batch used for eight years, excellent performance, benefit is remarkable.The plant in recent years the development of metal equipment, its transmission parts high strength zinc base alloy parts, saving the cost and improve the efficiency.

4) in huaiyin machinery general factory Marine high strength zinc base alloy of reducing device, a national survey bureau of quality certification.

5) jinan test factory worm gear, shaft sleeve high strength zinc base alloy in twelve years to benefit is obvious.

6) wuxi metallurgical machinery factory hydraulic sheet metal bending leading set of oil cylinder, bearing pressure is 320 kg/cm2, the original the ZQSn6-6-3, used in the oil leakage roughening work fast temperature rise of serious quality problem, high strength zinc base alloy, completely solve the problem above, and the erosion rate is only 15% to 15%.

7) wuxi steel mill of 650 rolling mill universal joint shaft slider the ZQAL9-4, 65 tons of torque, the service life of 60 divisions, the output of 20000 tons, high strength zinc base alloy slider, service life of 130 divisions, output reached 40000 tons.

8) nantong heavy machinery factory worm gear, shaft sleeve, slide block USES the high strength zinc base alloy for ten years, good performance benefit is remarkable...High strength zinc base alloy is widely used in all kinds of mechanical transmission parts, saves expensive copper and tin material, improved the performance of machine parts, promoted the development of production, has obtained the remarkable benefit and application examples of many, in the mixed an enumeration.