LONGALLOY (CHINA) CO,.LTD. as a member of Chinese Foundry Association, has been a professional manufacturer on producing self-lubricating bearings, copper bushings and Zinc base Alloy since 2005 .Now we are one of the biggest manufacturers of SKFB™ self-lubricating bearings centrifugal casting and continuous casting copper bushings.


The main applications are: higher-end mining machinery, engineering machinery, hydroelectric power machinery, auto, shipping, petroleum and other machine tools , etc.


The main products are: self-lubricating bearing, centrifugal casting copper bushing, copper nut, continuous casting bronze bar, copper pipe, worm wheel and worm, zinc base alloy.


Our products have exported to America, Europe, South Korea , Japan and Australia. We have cooperation with more than 300 different firms in total. Our factory have kinds  of testing machine like spectrometer from German SPECTRO, tensile testing machine from America SANS, sclerometer, flaw detector etc. We have more than 500 processing equipment. The yearly  capacity of SKFB™ self-lubricating bearings, copper alloy, zinc base alloy, copper water jacket is more than 2000 ton. The biggest diameter of centrifugal casting bushing is 3 meters, has reached maximum weight 5 ton.


We are committed to provide high-quality copper material and self-lubricating products in order to satisfy the needs and progress of the time.