Copper alloy cone sets

Publishdate :2015-8-3 Views:603

  Cone sleeve is a kind of new type mechanical transmission connecting part in European and American countries, which has the characteristics of high standard, high precision, compact structure, easy installation and disassembly. By 8 givers cone pulley, sprocket and other transmission parts cone clamping connection, all kinds of transmission parts centering accuracy is greatly improved. Cone sleeve size for a series of standard design. The hole keyway according to standard ISO processing. General purpose of the exchange is very good, suitable for all kinds of occasions. When the transmission of a long time, the internal hole and the chain slot can be damaged, if it is used in this case, the transmission of this kind of case, only need to replace the same specification cone can be restored. So it can greatly improve the service life, reduce maintenance cost and save time. According to different working conditions, the choice of different materials, and then to adapt to various needs.