Copper alloy wear plate

Publishdate :2015-8-3 Views:774

  Copper alloy is made by adding alloy elements in pure copper, the common alloying elements for zinc, tin, lead, manganese, iron, aluminum, titanium, etc.. Due to solid solution strengthening and second phase strengthening effect of alloy elements, making copper alloy can not only enhance the strength, and retain the characteristics of copper, so it has been widely used in machinery industry. Our company is the earlier research and production of more than one meter in diameter of the centrifugal cast copper alloy manufacturers, but also the domestic rare can be a diameter of more than one of the 200mm continuous casting. In 2012, I participated in the Suzhou world casting Expo, to obtain the gold medal, our products processing equipment used in high precision CNC machine tools, production process in strict accordance with the ISO TS16494 ISO9001 related procedures for quality control, to ensure that customers can enjoy the stability of high quality products.