High strength zinc base alloy bushing

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Our company specializing in the production of worm gear, shaft sleeve, nut, high strength zinc base alloy wear-resistant plate products and non-ferrous casting parts.The company won the title of "the good faith management unit for many times, rely on the strong professional scientific and technological strength, advanced production equipment and sophisticated testing instruments, independently developed the ZA30 high zinc base alloy high strength titanium alloy products.Zinc-base wear-resistant alloy than babbitt, tin bronze 9-4, 6-6-3 copper alloy cost saving 30% 40%.Application in mechanical wear parts, wear-resisting performance than babbitt, tin bronze alloy 2-4 times, etc.The product has been widely used in machinery manufacturing company.Company long-term service 2 listed machinery companies, products for four foreign trade company, for the nine export enterprises, enterprises supporting seven scale 1 billion yuan of above.Production of zinc base alloy products with complete series, products of good quality and large market share, sales and service outlets sales advantages such as wide distribution.