Performance and application of zinc-base wear-resistant alloy

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Zinc-base wear-resistant alloy is my company according to the national standard development and improvement, has a strong independent technology of high strength and wear resistance, antifriction materials, after more than 10 years of efforts, is now widely used in heavy duty machine tools, equipment, metallurgy, forging lathe, vertical lathe, sleeping car, water pump, rubber, plastic, paper making, steel rolling, oil, mining, cement, lifting, valves and shipbuilding industries, instead of the traditional copper alloy and babbitt bushing (watts), worm gear, nut, slider, guide plate and bearing retainer and wear resistance, antifriction parts costs 40% lower than that of tin bronze, 60% lower than that of babbitt, the service life of the high (1.5 to 4 times.

1, instead of using a wide range

Zinc-base wear-resistant alloy for the wear-resisting anti-friction, tin bronze, phosphor bronze, beryllium bronze and babbitt manufacturing various types of mechanical wear-resistant parts, most can be used instead of the alloy.

Tensile strength of MPa
Elongation %
Hardness HB
The friction coefficient
Abrasion quantity
Linear expansion 10 - a
Thermal conductivity C.S.C
Than the heavy
Range of application
Part of the instance
For below 750 kw of worm gear speed reducer, vertical lathe, boring machine, heavy sleeper, workbench guide plate, worm gear, bearing block, impact resistance, working temperature below 100 ℃.
Qiqihar machine, bilateral machines, machine tools, wuhan wafangdian city;
General worm gear speed reducer for below 300 kw, forging machine, plate bending machine, car, milling machine, grinding machine, coal mining machines, belt machine, half nuts, worm gear, shaft sleeve;Working temperature below 90 ℃.
Xi 'an coal mining machinery, shenyang machine tool, machine tool in guangxi, baoji machine tool, Shanghai forging machine, forging machine tool in anhui, fuzhou, reducer, reducer of xuzhou, wuxi machine, nantong machine tool;
For below 300 kw generic reducer worm gear, shaft sleeve, impact resistance, not the long time continuous work, transformer switching mechanism, agricultural machinery steering worm gear, electric mechanical transmission mechanism shaft sleeve, worm gear, etc.Working temperature below 90 ℃.
Yixing electrical machinery, wuxi electrical machinery, shandong switch, changzhou farm machinery.

* wear test conditions: the load of 150 kg, of 200 RPM, the friction pair of 45 #, 20 h time.
2, comprehensive technical performance is better.
Good affinity of lubricating oil, medium oil membrane integrity operation, and thermal conductivity several times higher than that of copper alloy, heat faster, nonmagnetic, maintained at a low temperature in the work, anti-seizure excellent performance.High strength zinc base alloy has excellent cutting performance, cutting speed several times higher than the gray cast iron and free-cutting brass and tool wear is small.In addition, the high strength zinc base alloy will not produce residual stress by machining.
3, parts service life is long, wide application range.
Through a large number of users use proved that my company the service life of the zinc base alloy series products are copper alloy, babbitt 1-4 times, effectively prolong the equipment maintenance, spare parts replacement cycle, improve the production efficiency.Especially in forging machine tool, mining metallurgy machinery, hydraulic machinery, construction machinery, ships, and other fields of application effect is very significant.In shearing machine, bending machine, hydraulic press, casting molding machine, die-casting machine, lathe, army (people) using vehicles, forklift and widely used in cement rotary kiln.
4, greater economic benefits.
Above price is 40% lower than the copper alloy, wear-resistant alloy products and the service life of the 1 to 4 times that of copper alloy, users can obtain remarkable economic benefit.In addition, the low proportion of alloy and high quality parts to reduce weight, improve parts easy installation, high cost performance and product reliability provides an efficient way.
5, my company has strong technology and production power to provide you with the product of the casting and machining.