Our service

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1) according to the requirements of customers with pattern for high strength zinc base alloy materials, finished products or unfinished;
2) free door-to-door delivery within 200 km or delivery to the customer's home station, port;Agent consignments, 200 kilometers from 200 kilometers of the freight.
3) provide test bar with furnace, block for user testing, provide warranty and mechanical performance test report;
4) products are casting defect free on-site replacement, and compensate has occurred in processing fees;
5) mechanical properties can not meet the standard of the batch of products for replacement or refund all payments, and compensate the actual loss;
6) the product precision, roughness and other technical requirements are not up to customers to provide drawings or technical requirements as agreed upon by both parties, free door-to-door to replace, and compensate the actual economic loss;
7) regardless of customer demand, not charge extra for molds, tooling;
8) determine the working conditions of product use, free for the customer alone design formula, let the customer to obtain the biggest use value;
9) is preferred to provide customers new material, new products, new technology of information;
10) provide other services for the appointment with the customer.